A Millenial Shave Subscription That's Just As Cool As It Looks

Move over Harry's! I am converted! The past year I have sworn by my Harry's razor, guided by my love for it's availability at Target and the sneaking suspicion that men's razors are made sharper than women's. While Harry's does give a super close shave, I've been bitten one too many times by that pesky hidden razor at the top. Tired of cursing myself every time I cut that exact same spot on the back of my knee, I was scrolling through the brand bible (aka Instagram) and came across yet another beautifully branded start-up. Committed to premium quality body products, Billie delivers (to your door) an easy, memorable razor subscription.

Ringing up at $9, their starter pack includes the magnetic holder, razor handle, and two 5-blade razor cartridges - and let's be real, any razor less than 4-blades and you're asking for bright red razor bumps. I absolutely love their website and unpacking experience, everything is so consistent and I wouldn't be surprised if they continued expanding their line beyond their four starter products. Though I haven't yet tried the lotion or body wash, I was very impressed with their shave cream. It has a fresh, grapefruit scent with a soap-lotion hybrid formula feel. Combined with the aloe encasing around the razor head, it allows for a super smooth, super sleek, super fresh shave.

Another selling factor for me was the brand's transparency. Their website, as well as their products, are very user-friendly. Non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, and made without sulfates, parabens or synthetic fragrances. I love when a brand that makes skincare products clearly understands how important it is to treat your skin right and knows how to communicate that. In addition, 1% of revenue goes towards women's causes and you always get free shipping.

All in all, Billie is doing shaving and body products right - and I will definitely be continuing my subscription.