Explained: Is Adaptogenic Beauty Just a Trend?


With fall officially upon us and the start of October, I thought I’d cover a topic in beauty that’s a little more mystical. The rise of skincare has introduced a new wave of ingestible and topical products aimed at treating skin concerns from the inside out. Adaptogens, while relatively new to the mainstream beauty industry, have been well-known in the wellness and medicinal communities as a pillar of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years.


Broadly stated, adaptogens are plant extracts that aid your body in resisting the effects of stress and help to restore the normal physiological balances in your body. In doing so, adaptogens basically act as a regulator for your body, dispersing nutrients when you need them and eliminating the leftovers.

They can work to increase energy, metabolism, immunity, and libido as well as decrease inflammation and aid in regulating and coping with depression and anxiety. When used the right way, adaptogens can be an interesting remedy for skin concerns because they address stress, which consistently causes imbalances that can show up on your skin like dullness, dark circles, inflammation, redness and acne.


This is where it gets intriguing for me. You’re telling me that instead of slathering five different types of serums and moisturizers on my face a night I could add a simple supplement into my routine and all my skincare woes would be taken care of? Not exactly.

While typical adaptogens such as ashwagandha, rhodiola, and ginsing have been traditionally used in medicine for hundreds of years, there has been little scientific research conducted proving their long list of claims. However, there have been numerous cases of people praising the alternative medicine as miracle workers for gut health, addiction, anxiety, and acne. In the face of grad school exams, job applications and overall early-20’s girl drama, I’m looking forward to adding adaptogens into my routine to aid in managing stress as well as helping to give me that lit-from-within glow combating hormonal acne.


As adaptogens continue to permeate mass beauty retailers, such as Sephora and Goop, and further research and education is made available to consumers, I foresee what used to be just a traditional natural remedy maturing from a wellness trend into a more mainstream supplement for overall well-being. If you’re interested in diving into adaptogens, I recommend looking into Moon Juice, Care Of, and Sun Potion for ingestibles and Youth to the People, Allies of Skin, and Edible Beauty for more topical treatments.

Pictured: The Moon Juice Cookbook and Beauty Dust Sachets.

Have you tried any adaptogens? I’m so interested in learning more about them so comment with your experience below!