Budget Friendly: Formula 10.0.6 Review


A few weeks ago I popped into Ulta and was going through their aisles when I stumbled upon the skincare brand Formula 10.0.6. While I cover mostly prestige and masstige products on the blog, I wanted to delve into something a little more affordable for those of you who might be looking into exploring skincare.


Wipe Your Face Off Makeup Removing Facial Wipes

The first step in building any skincare routine is taking off your makeup. Though my skin typically feels better if I remove makeup with a cleanser, my busy lifestyle calls for quick and easy removal with wipes more often than not. While I thought these did a good job of removing makeup for the price point, I did think they stripped my skin a little of moisture. I love the cute, fun packaging and the smell though which seems to a plus for many of their products.


Get Your Glow On and Be Berry Clear Illuminating Peel Masks

Another fun step to add into your new routine is a face mask. This is one of my favorite things to do to relax or to give my skin a little more TLC. I’ve never tried a peel off mask before, but I have to say that using these was the most satisfying thing ever. They smell incredible and dry down clear so when your face starts to feel dry and tight it’s most likely time to start peeling it off.

The best comparison I have for what this experience is like is that it is similar to peeling off a sunburn, only all over your face. I definitely liked how hydrating both the glow and illuminating masks were, and thought they made my face feel refreshed with new skin afterwards. If you want to see if you’d like peel masks but don’t want to shell out for a super nice one, this is definitely a great baby step one to try out!


Picture Perfect Day Moisturizer

Lastly, I tried out their Picture Perfect Day Moisturizer, a vital step in any skincare regimen. Of the products I tried, this was surprisingly my least favorite. While I liked that it had SPF 15 in it, I typically prefer at least SPF 30 in a product that is going to cover my face. The texture was very lightweight, however for my particular skin type I think I need something a little heavier for day to day. This is a perfectly standard budget moisturizer, but I’m not sure that I’d rebuy it in the future.


Overall, I thought this brand was super cute and their products smell amazing. I loved being able to try something new out and the peel masks will definitely be something I continue to use.

As a thank you for following along with me, I’ve decided to do a giveaway of their Be Berry Clear Pods, So Totally Clean Micellar Water, Down to the Pore Strips, and Calm Retreat Travel Kit which includes a sheet mask, makeup removing wipes, peel mask and moisturizer! Visit my Instagram @foundationforward for details on the giveaway and how to enter! Closes Monday, October 15, 2019.