Gift Guide: The Most Thoughtful Wellness Gifts Someone Will Actually Love


Part of self-care for me doesn’t just include slathering on some nice moisturizer at night. Taking care of yourself and your well-being can manifest in so many different ways, and everyone practices it differently. If you’re looking for a little more intention behind your gifts this season, I’ve compiled this list to show someone you really care.

Under $100


bkr Big Grace Kiss Kit

On sale for $59 on bkr

Bkr makes some of the chicest water bottles, that are super durable because of the glass coated in rubber. They recently launched a lip balm cap set that will keep both your body and your lips hydrated!


My Offline Community of One Yoga Mat Poem

$51.13 USD on Etsy

@MyOfflineCommunityofOne might well be my favorite writer and artist. Gommie is the funniest and realest Brit out there, and makes amazing works of art including this one on a yoga mat. I’m obsessed with him and his work is the perfect unique gift.

Under $50


Jen Gotch x Iconery Resilience Necklace

$48 on

This might actually be my favorite gift I’ll mention this season. Jen Gotch, the founder and CCO of, is a constant advocate for mental health education and awareness. 100 percent of the proceeds from this necklace benefit Bring Change to Mind, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to ending the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness.

No matter what you’ve been through, resilience is a word that encompasses making it through it all. They also make them in depression and anxiety.


The Beauty Chef Beauty Boost Kit

$45 on Goop

I raved about their collagen elixir at my blog post here, and I honestly love all three formulas. I’ve noticed my skin feels clearer and more hydrated when I use them regularly, and this is a great way to test out the mild - but yummy - flavors of each.


Vitamin Vape B12 Pen

$39 for 3 vaporizers on Vitamin Vape

Vitamin B12 plays a key role in healthy nerve function, cell creation and energy levels. Each vaporizer contains hundreds of inhales that doesn’t include caffeine, THC or any type of nicotine. Each vape contains 10 times the amount of B12 you’d get from a shot, and is formulated in the USA and certified by several quality and safety organizations.


Glass Ceiling Smasher T-shirt

$30 on Living Proof

Living Proof has come out with a line of empowering t-shirts, perfect for the glass ceiling smashers in your life.


Care.of Personalized Daily Vitamin Packs

$30 - $120 on Care.of

One of the best personalized gifts out there, Care.of is a service that allows you to gift someone a monthly subscription of personalized vitamins according to their needs. Each individual pack is customized to say their name, and you can even have them write a personal note on each one. It’s the perfect cute way to show and tell someone how much you love them.


Headspace Meditation App Subscription

$12.99 - $167.67 on Headspace

I use this app every night to help put me to sleep. In my opinion, it’s hands down the best meditation app out there. From students, to kids, to people dealing with health concerns, anxiety and stress, this app has something for everyone. It’s entertaining, simple and calming with a fresh modern take on mindfulness.

Under $25 Stocking Stuffers


Sakara Superherb Sleep Tea

$20 for a 20 pack on Amazon

If you know someone who has trouble sleeping, you know how much it can affect their life. This is a thoughtful way to show someone you’re thinking about them - perfect for college students who are eternally sleepy.

wellness-gifts-09.png x The Little Words Project Good Mood Bracelet

$18 on

Another gift that promotes happiness and fun, this bracelet hopes to inspire adventure, enthusiasm, and optimism.


Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Standard Toothbrush

$8 on Goop

Charcoal has been found to have a natural detoxifying and whitening effect on teeth. This is a great stocking stuffer for someone who loves to try out new trends!


Bijou Candles Travel Set

$25 for a set of 3 on Bijou

This is my favorite candle maker out there right now. Bijou makes the most classic scents made out of 100 percent soy wax. Plus, they’re women founded and women inspired so you can customize a set of three for your loved one to find their favorite scent.

I love finding unique and useful gifts for people, that will actually enhance their well-being. If you’ve tried any of these or end up gifting any, let me know in the comments!