February Favorites

This month was filled with new beginnings, new opportunities (stay tuned for where I'm headed this summer!), and dare I say it - a spending ban before I head off to China for spring break. But before that happened I had the opportunity to snag these new beauties which are quickly becoming staples in my spring rotation. After realizing that my January favorites ended up a little lengthy, I decided this month to narrow it down to five products that made my February.

Luxury Collection Lashes in Opulence, Lilly Lashes $19.99

After seeing how great the Miami lashes looked on one of my friends, I finally decided to take the next step and explore this growing industry of luxury fake lashes. Though I'll never knock my trusty drugstore Ardell's, these add a whole new level of glam to your look. These mink strip lashes offer a ton of length without being super thick and last around 10-12 uses. My eyes are a little smaller than their width so I did have to trim them, but I love how this particular pair doesn't have a thick strip at the bottom negating any unwanted eyeliner look. I got so many compliments from friends when I wore them out the other night and I can't wait to break these out for big events.

The Blue Honey Palette, Kylie Cosmetics $38

After its launch, I immediately fell in love with this teal and honey colored palette. I've been super into the bejeweled beetles and insects trend this past winter, so I think that probably carried over into the branding of this palette. Kylie consistently comes out with great pigments, and moving into spring I'm seeing a huge trend towards orange and yellow hues on the eyes making this a fun addition to my collection. Though I have yet to bust out the teals, I feel like this is a palette that just has so many fun options to push you to be a little bold without getting too crazy.

Small Tapered Brush, Tapered Blending Brush, and Small Dome Brush, Colourpop Cosmetics $6 each

I literally do not know how I did my eye shadow prior to buying these over winter break. The small tapered brush is my go-to for base color and the tapered blending brush is perfect for applying darker colors in your crease. Between the two of these I honestly have no use for any other shadow brushes on a daily basis. During the school week I like to keep things simple, and these really get the job done with two or three colors. If I'm trying to get fancy for an event or night out, the small dome brush is my saving grace when it comes to patting shimmer or a bold pigment onto the lid. It also works perfectly with Colourpop's cushiony super shock formula. I love recommending Colourpop to anyone looking to get into makeup or looking for affordable good-quality brushes, so make sure to check out my full Colourpop edit!

I'm really looking forward to everything I have planned for March, so keep checking back for new posts and updates on my spring break trip abroad!