How Your Sheets Can Impact Your Health


When my hair started thinning out and breaking in college, I started looking for any solution to facilitate healthy growth and prevent breakage. I stopped wearing my hair in ponytails (especially at night), I made sure not to go to bed with wet hair, I used less bobby pins, washed my hair less (shoutout to dry shampoo!), religiously used deep conditioning hair masks, and let my hair air dry more. But I still wasn’t seeing a ton of results, with most of my breakage occurring around the crown of my head. After doing some research, I found that switching to silk pillowcases could not only work overnight to protect my hair, but provide other anti-aging benefits as well.


Silk pillowcases have been said to solve a slew of problems with minimal effort. They’re known to be anti-aging, anti-breakage and all around offer a more luxurious nights sleep. When I moved into my new apartment in Baton Rouge, one of the first things I invested in were these Slip Silk Pillowcases. I’ve been using them for a little over two months now and have definitely seen some changes.

My hair, especially where I had problems with breakage, has had visible growth in the back. It definitely seems that my cotton sheets were causing more split ends and damage to the more brittle strands due to the friction of tossing and turning at night. In addition, while I wouldn’t say I wake up looking flawless, my level of bedhead has been significantly reduced from half mohawk to slightly matted.


Another great benefit of switching to silk was the impact it made on my skin. As someone who is frantically trying to prevent wrinkles and look like I’m in my 20s forever, I slather on the skincare and moisturizers at night. Something I always had to be conscious about when using my cotton sheets was trying not to toss and turn at night (virtually impossible for me), because cotton absorbs more moisture than silk, making your skincare less effective.

Because my skin is absorbing more of my skincare than my sheets now, I wake up feeling a lot more hydrated and refreshed, and with significantly less pillow marks on my face due to the slippery, friction-less texture of my sheets.


As for downsides, the only real inconvenience when it comes to making the switch is that you need to wash these differently than you would your normal cotton sheets. Because silk is so delicate you shouldn’t throw these in your washer and dryer, instead you need to hand wash them. Also, be aware that these sheets will wrinkle a lot. My advice is to steam them after unboxing if it’s something that is going to bother you.

We all know that sleep plays such a major role in helping our body to look and feel its best. I’ll never be a morning person, no matter how hard I try, and I’m a total zombie if I get less than eight hours of sleep a night. Because I’m in grad school and live a busy lifestyle, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve my sleeping habits and make the most out of my night. I feel like there is so much advice out there on how to get a better nights sleep, but switching to silk is a simple change that I’ve found allows me to have a more efficient sleep. And who knew that changing your sheets could have such an impact on your skin and hair health?

Have you tried out any of Slip’s products or tried switching to silk? Let me know or ask any questions in the comments below!