Everything You Need to Know Before Getting Eyelash Extensions


Voluminous, long, and…glued to your eyes? One of the biggest and newest trends right now in beauty are eyelash extensions. There’s something magical about waking up in the morning and, instead of looking like a zombie, having eye-opening, wispy lashes. It’s such a simple fix, but has come with many warnings and questions of whether lash extensions damage your natural lashes. So over the past year, I set out to see what the hype was behind lash extensions and whether they’re worth trading in your favorite mascara for.

My Experience Getting Lash Extensions

Prior to getting lash extensions, I knew I wanted to try and make my lashes look more voluminous. I started out by trying Neulash - which did an incredible job lengthening my lashes, but not necessarily making them look fuller. Then, I added in dying my natural lashes black (lots of salons offer this service!) which helped to define my previously invisible blond lashes, but I still found myself using layers of different mascaras to achieve a finished look.

It was only when I had exhausted these more natural options that I turned to lash extensions, because I have a serious problem with one of my eyes watering and was getting tired of my mascara smudging under my eyes. When deciding which ones to get, I went through a period of trial and error. The first ones I got looked just like I had mascara on, but I wanted something that mimicked wearing falsies, so it took a couple of refills to achieve the look I wanted working with my lash technician. My advice is to start with a fuller look, and then you can always refill them less. When you get your first set, they feel super heavy on your eyes, but you quickly get used to them and sometimes I’d have to wait a day or two for them to settle into place for the exact look I wanted.

My only annoyance I had with the process of refilling them, was that sometimes if you have a lash extension that is grown out but still hanging on for dear life, your technician will use tweezers and a solution to loose the glue. This process can feel like someone is tugging on your eyelash, and can get uncomfortable for a few moments.

While I didn’t have a ton of damage after I stopped getting them refilled, I did have some thin patches of lashes in certain areas. However, my lashes grew back super quickly, and within a week my natural lashes were back to full health and length.

Tips for Keeping Your Lash Extensions Healthy

Getting lash extensions can run anywhere from $50-$200 depending on whether you’re getting a refill, full set or if you’ve opted for regular or volume sets. Because of the price tag you’ll want to get the most out of your lashes by taking care of them the right way, which will in turn help keep your natural lashes healthy as well. This includes gently cleaning them with oil-free micellar water and a q-tip to remove any makeup buildup, brushing them daily with a spoolie brush, and not pulling them out.

Though it may be tempting to pluck one off your eye when it starts to shed or grow out, you have to resist the urge! Doing so is what causes your natural lashes to be pulled out, rather than the lash extensions simply growing out and falling off your natural lash. You’ll also want to stay away from putting individual or strip lashes and mascara on top of your lash extensions. Taking off your strip lashes will only allow the glue to rip off your extensions, and using mascara will weigh them down and loosen the sealant on them, making them shed faster. Honestly, if you’re getting the right type of lash extensions for you (appropriate length and volume) you shouldn’t have a need to use mascara or strip lashes on top!

Overall, I was super impressed and honestly love getting lash extensions. I found myself wearing less and less makeup because I already felt pretty put together in the morning, and it was the perfect solution to my smudging mascara, especially in the humid summer months. While I stopped getting them after summer was over due to price and quality (I’ve yet to find a place in Baton Rouge that can do them as well as where I went in Dallas), I would go back to getting them in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone.

If you’ve tried lash extensions before or have any recommendations, comment below!