5 Tips for Visiting Magnolia Silos


While interning for Mary Kay I was lucky enough to live in one of the biggest and best cities in the south - Dallas, Texas! There is so much to do in Dallas. Sports, concerts, shopping and amazing food are around every corner. Spending the summer in such a big city, my boyfriend and I decided to take advantage of one of the gems just outside city lines.

About an hour and a half away in Waco, Texas is Magnolia Silos, the famous lifestyle market owned by Chip and Joanna Gaines from HGTV's Fixer Upper. The market has their popular home goods and landscaping stores as well as a bakery, food truck pavilion, and lawn perfect for lounging and enjoying the day. With so much to see and enjoy, it's no surprise that the market averages 30,000 visitors a week. As one of those 30,000, here are my tips and tricks for making your visit to Magnolia Silos as enjoyable as possible.


1. Arrive early.

The market itself opens at 9 a.m. Monday - Saturday, and everything is closed on Sundays. During our trip, we arrived around noon and it was apparent as we were driving up that parking would be insane. Lunchtime is the busiest (and hottest!) time to arrive, so I definitely recommend arriving closer to opening hours and snagging a free parking spot in the lot behind the food trucks.


2. Make a day out of it.

You can absolutely spend your entire afternoon at the Silos. The Market itself will take you an hour to sift through - chart a path and grab something if you think you like it before it sells out! The store itself can be extremely difficult to navigate if you're visiting during lunchtime or the weekend in general due to capacity. But if you arrive early, dress comfortably for the weather, and take a break to eat at one (or more) of their amazing food trucks, you're sure to hit up everything the silos has to offer.


3. Grab a cupcake.

If you're wondering what the long line is under the fanned tent, it's everyone waiting in line to get one of Silos Baking Co.'s gourmet cupcakes. Well worth the wait in the Texas heat, the bakery offers delicious cupcakes and treats to satisfy your sweet tooth. Be careful though, the cupcakes are so rich you literally only need one of them. We bought three and could barely finish one each!


4. Check out their beauty section.

When I arrived I thought I'd just pick up a few things to help furnish my new Baton Rouge apartment. But Chris literally had to sway me away from the little pockets of beauty and bath items they had. Most people who visit expect to only find food, landscaping, or home goods, but there are so many other adorable things that you can spot if you take your time looking around the store (like these super cute exfoliating sugar cubes that Chris bought for his mom!).


5. Visit their warehouse shop before you leave Waco!

Before heading out of Waco, head over to the Magnolia Warehouse Shop. It's super tiny, but it's less than 15 minutes away from the silos and totally worth the visit. In fact, you may even want to go there first to make sure you don't pay full price for it at the silos. Everything there is on sale or last chance, and you will definitely see things there that you also saw in-store. It's also a great option to find good steals that weren't available at the silos or online!

Have you visited Magnolia Silos? Comment with your experience below!