My Easy Everyday Hair Mask & Oil


One of my favorite places to shop for unique and new beauty finds is Urban Outfitters. I’ve been shopping there since high school, and while not everything is my style, I can’t resist picking up some cute home goods or beauty picks from time to time. One of their new haircare brands, Voir, reached out to me to try their hair mask and luxury hair oil, which I’ve quickly integrated into my everyday routine.

Rhythm of the Rain Hair + Scalp Mask

As someone who struggles with chronically dry and brittle hair, it is so important for me to do everything I can to keep it hydrated. But so many hair masks can be almost too rich for my hair, making them oily or greasy after styling and rinsing. I find that there are so many great rich masks that work well for my ends, but nothing that also keeps the hair near my scalp from getting dry.

The Rhythm of the Rain Hair and Scalp Mask does exactly as it’s named, it works perfectly for your locks and scalp. I’ve always been someone who responds really well to argan oil, and I can feel a significant difference in my hair after rinsing. In comparison to many other masks I’ve tried, this one only takes 2-3 minutes, so I love substituting my conditioner for it. I will definitely continue to keep it in my rotation, especially because it’s safe for color treated hair and cruelty-free.

A Walk In the Sun Luxury Hair Oil

The second step I love adding in for some extra moisture after using the mask is their A Walk In the Sun Luxury Hair Oil. It doesn’t feel thick or goopy on your hands, and absorbs super quickly. With rosehip, jojoba and sunflower oil, it feels more like a dry oil than anything else and has the faintest sophisticated smell of citrus and vanilla that isn’t overpowering. While I don’t put this on my scalp, I do like running it through the ends of damp hair before styling.

Overall, both of these products live up completely to their descriptions, which is hard to find in many products. Their cruelty-free, not overly fragranced nature is what really draws me to them and I’m so happy I’ve found two easy products to incorporate into my routine.


Both products kindly gifted by brand. Opinions are my own.