How to Upgrade Your Shower for Summer


It’s difficult not to notice the abrupt change from spring to summer weather in south Louisiana, but when you feel it, you know it’s here to stay. Growing up in Palm Beach, Florida, I’m no stranger to hot, humid summers. Looking back, summer reminds me of the feeling of the hot summer sun on my back, freshly mowed grass, the breeze on the beach, and the moment I step into a cool shower to wash away the sand and (regrettably) dried tanning oil off my body.

Every year, once the temperature reaches 80 degrees and my hair goes flat from humidity, I know it’s time to rearrange my shelves and prepare my skin for the season’s changes. Heavy moisturizers go back in the drawers, and the lightweight, hydrating products come out to play. From cream cleansers that make you feel like you’re at a spa to a funky razor that never cuts, I’ve rounded up my favorite products to take your shower from spring to summer and prepare your hair and skin for the upcoming season.

  1. Shampoo and Conditioner

I’ve become a shampoo and conditioner connoisseur since my hair started thinning out in undergrad. I’ve finally adjusted my scalp to not get super oily so I can only wash every couple of days, which has been an incredible way to save cash since I am typically extremely liberal with the amount of conditioner I use. I’ve always been told by my hairdresser back in Florida that it’s important to alternate haircare every other wash, so for summer I’ve opted to swap between hydrating and bond strengthening formulas.

I use the Olaplex No.4 and No.5 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner to help strengthen my hair and fight against split ends. It’s known for its super reparative properties, and I’ve never met a shampoo that lathers like this one does. It makes me feel like I’m getting my hair washed at the salon every time I use it, and best of all it is the one product that requires you to use very little of it which means the bottle will last you awhile. While the Olaplex also moisturizes strands, I like to alternate with the IGK Hot Girls Shampoo and Conditioner* to make sure my strands are staying extra hydrated.


2. Hair Masks

The hair along my crown line often gets very dry, but some hair masks are too thick and oily for me to put them anywhere other than my ends. Enter the new Verb Ghost Hair Mask* - which I often replace my conditioner with on days when my hair really needs some extra love. I’ve always liked their entire Ghost line, and my hair feels insanely smooth and weightless after using this all over. In addition, I also like to rotate in the Christophe Robin Color Fixator Wheat Germ Mask* to ensure my blonde strands stay extra healthy.


3. Razor and Shaving Cream

Step 3 in my shower is always shaving. As I’ve mentioned before, Billie makes my all-time favorite razor. Not once have I ever cut myself with it and it’s super affordable and comes in the most fun colors to spice up your shower space. Recently I’ve also been loving the Eos Shaving Cream for Sensitive Skin because of it’s aloe and lavender mix - it was also named a 2018 Allure Best of Beauty award winner.

4. Body Scrubs

One of the most satisfying body care rituals for me is how my skin feels stepping out of a shower having just scrubbed away all my dry skin after shaving. The absolute best way to get silky smooth skin is using a physical exfoliant one to two times a week. My favorite for everyday is another 2018 Allure Best of Beauty winner, the Mary Kay Satin Body Shea Revitalizing Body Scrub. It smells so subtle and sophisticated and will help your skin feel smooth without overdoing it. For a heavier scrub, which I love to use before self-tanning, I employ the Kopari Coconut Crush Scrub. Both I use all over my body using only my hands.


5. Body Wash

I love a good, sophisticated bar soap, but when I started hearing all the hype surrounding Sol de Janeiro’s products, I knew I had to try them out even though I am not a body lotion girl. Their Brazilian Play Moisturizing Shower Cream-Gel* is the ultimate summer addition to any shower. It smells like warm almonds and caramel and the packaging brings me back to those warm days on the beach when I was younger. I am 100% a Sol de Janeiro convert after using it.

6. Face Wash

One of the last steps I do is wash my face and let it sit a few minutes before rinsing with cold water before getting out of the shower. The two warm-weather favorites I love alternating between are the Krave Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser and the Red Earth Beauty Hydrate Refreshing Cleanser. With squalene, collagen and cucumber extract, the Red Earth cleanser is hands-down one of my all-time favorite skin care products just based on it’s gentleness and smell. It takes me right to a spa and my face always feels super smooth after. (P.S. you can use the code XOAlexisNewkirk for 20% off your first order from them!)

Krave Beauty is another brand I’ve always admired for their clean ingredients and unique formulas. This green gel cleanser is incredibly lightweight and great for those days when my skin is feeling extra oily. Plus, its matcha smell is incredibly relaxing.

7. In-Shower Lotion

Lastly, as I’ve mentioned before, I am not someone who is super into body lotion. My way around this has been using the Nivea Cocoa Butter In-Shower Body Lotion. It’s not too heavy, and the smell is extremely subtle. It’s a great drugstore product to add extra moisture to dry skin without having to deal with the body lotion residue all over your hands after applying.

What are your favorite products that you always transition to during summer? Let me know in the comments!

*Kindly gifted by brand. This post is not sponsored and opinions are my own.